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We Like To Party! Deshondra Robinson's Guide to A Successful Event

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

I love a good party! Because of that, I am here to guide you through the steps of planning the perfect event, party, or any celebration. There are 6 areas of event experiences to keep in mind when planning your next celebration. Personalization is very important when planning an event. Whether you’re planning a small wedding for 50 guests or a huge event for 500 people, being detail oriented will play a big part in your success!

When I plan an event, I use the A6 Event Production Formula.

This formula helps you design a signature event by incorporating your clients profile information into 6 areas of event experiences.

The A6’s are: Anticipation, Arrival, Atmosphere, Appetite, Amusement, and Appreciation.

1. Anticipation

This is created by selecting the right invitation for your event and creating a great first impression. The invitation will build buzz, create excitement, and get people talking.

Most people will know right away if they will attend your event by that first impression, so make it a good one!

2. Arrival

This is the second stage of any event experience. Remember, there is no event without people to attend. That’s why making sure the guests and especially your clients have their lodging ( if coming from out of town) and transportation needs met.

Also, keep in mind, having an exceptional arrival is the key to making your guests feel welcomed. Something as simple as having someone greet your guests can make a big difference.

3. Atmosphere

Knowing your client’s personality will play big part in creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. Creating the perfect atmosphere requires you to touch on the 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. This includes creating a theme that describes the type of event you’re having. Choosing the perfect décor, lighting, scents, food, fabrics, and music will help you achieve this.

4. Appetite (food)

Let us talk about food. The type of event will determine the type of food being served. That’s why this is the fourth stage of event production. You will have to work with your clients, the venue, and the caterer to create the perfect menu for your event. Remember, if you’re having a black-tie event, you do not want to serve hotdogs. Also remember, when planning your menu, be sure satisfy all the taste buds.

5. Amusement or Entertainment

This step can be a big deal depending on the type of event. Again, knowing your clients and the type of guests that will be attending will play a big part in this.

Whether you have a DJ, live band, or a performance, make sure it’s something the guests will get into. However, I advise not to totally rely on the music to satisfy the crowd. Having small surprises throughout will give your guests something to remember and talk about the next day.

6. Appreciation

It is critical that you thank your guests for attending your event! Be creative when thanking your guests. Giving small gifts, signature party favors, or even thank you cards will show your guests you are appreciative. Although there are many aspects to consider when planning the perfect celebration, using the A6 formula will give you a blueprint and help you with being detail oriented. By using your client’s vision and your awesome creativity, you will definitely get an A+ in event planning!

Credit: 6 Areas of Event Experiences Defined and Explained - Allseated

By Deshondra Robinson

Professional Wedding & Event Planning By Cho Phillips

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